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Often, we have to deal with situations for which we’re not at fault. But fault is backward-looking, and responsibility is forward-looking.


Fixating on blame delays taking corrective action and inhibits learning. Focusing on responsibility offers a sense of peace. Smart leadership is about leaving no piece of work at any level inconsequential for the organisation.


 We at Sysnet have become followers. We need to come out of our comfort zones. Each one of us need to move forward from executing assigned tasks to taking initiative and driving growth and development of the company. Only then, leaders will recognise our efforts. It is a chain of appreciation that works wonders, if every employee is keen to begin it at some point in the career. In a world where problems are getting more complex, determined and innovative problem-solving will flow from those who live as if help is not coming. Living with responsibility can make us stronger and more action-oriented individuals. It’s up to you to make change and take responsibility for outcomes in your professional life. What are you waiting for?


Best Wishes!!

Pankaj Gupta.


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